Free Driver Updater Tools For Windows

Whenever it comes to personal computing, the most noteworthy system that comes along is the Microsoft Windows. It is a family consisting of different operating systems which caters to different segments of the computing industry. It started in the year 1985 when there was a need for graphic user interfaces or GUIs and soon became a demand hovering up to 90% of the market share. Though the market has been eaten by the introduction of Android, still windows managed to keep a good hold on the personal computers with the inbuilt operating system.

Driver plays an integral role in the functioning of your computer system. Therefore it is always recommended to keep all your drivers up to date for healthy functioning of your computer. Some of the signs of outdated or corrupted drivers are a distorted display, audio/video lag, or printer compatibility. To keep them updated, either you can go an extra mile and update them manually or can get one of the Updating Drivers on Windows using Softwares softwares.

List of Best Windows Driver Updaters:

1. Driver Booster.
2. AVG Driver Updater.
3. Driver Genius.
4. Driver Navigator.
5. DriverPack Solution.
6. Free Driver Scout
. 7. Driver Talent
. 8. Driver Checker.

What are the different Microsoft windows available?

Since 1985, Microsoft has been consistently bringing improvements into their operating systems to provide features to the users and enhance the experience. Earlier, the versions were quite innovative but with the rapid transition of technology, Microsoft windows also had to incorporate a paradigm shift in the development and marketing of the windows. Earlier versions comprised of Windows 3, Windows 3.1, Windows XP, Windows Vista which was not so ergonomic and the advancement in technology has led the windows to transform into a much better version so that they can compete with others. The newer versions came along such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and the latest edition of Windows 10 have proved to be best in quality and affordability in the personal computing market.

Microsoft windows thus help the user to function quite swiftly and the interactive guides assist the users to learn the features pretty quickly.

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