ThopTV APK 19.0 Download Latest Version (Official)

ThopTV for Smart TV is one of the best features that ThopTV Download for Android offers for their users. This is because this thing will allow users to enjoy the contents that are available on the smartphone to be enjoyed on their big screen TV. Just imagine that millions of videos and hundreds of TV channels are available for free. And with this capability, the users will be able to enjoy them without any hassle on their TV along with great quality and simple usage.

So, the main things that you will need to be able to enjoy this great service include your android phone, smart TV, and a Chromecast device. If your Smart TV is not Android-powered, you will not need to worry. You will still be able to enjoy the service, as long as you have Chromecast device plugged into your TV set. Visit for details installation

Before setting up the app to connect to your TV, make sure that you have your device working properly on your TV and your phone has found the device. Otherwise, you will have more difficulty with the next steps. If possible, you should also try the connection first with other apps, such as YouTube or similar ones.

How to Set Up ThopTV for Smart TV Using Chromecast

The whole process for this thing will not be very difficult as most steps will be done automatically. Even people who are very tech savvy will be able to do these just fine. But before, make sure that you have installed the ThopTV Official App for Android for your smartphone and you have been able to watch the videos successfully.

When you are opening the app and watching videos, you will be able to see the casting icon on the top part of your screen. If you click this, you will be brought to options which casting device you will want to share the videos with. Then, you will be asked to enter a password of your Chromecast device. After entering the password, if everything is alright, the videos will then be played on your smart TV.

But one thing that you might find less enjoying is that ThopTV for Smart TV using Chromecast will only be available in the premium versions of the app. Therefore, make sure that you have paid a premium price. But still, the price for premium will be a lot lower that paying a monthly fee for other services, such as Netflix.

Characteristic of ThopTV App:

For this specific section, we'll cover the entire characteristics of this fabulous app the same as the manual that we've provided you about the prior section of the page to get ThopTV Download App. It's indeed important that you be aware of the whole characteristics of this App which can help you find out about the App even more.

  1. It is totally free: ThopTV Download App will have the ability to draw the most recent videos which are available on the net with the highest quality. This is likely to make your streaming encounter to be a ton better with all the gorgeous content, and also the simple fact that it's totally free will ensure it is far simpler. Actually, you won't have to cover anything to get the whole library of interesting movies and movies. Enormous database of collection the majority of individuals will not feel this, but if you start this App, you'll be provided access to new movies and movies which can satisfy your appetite for fresh entertainment material.
  2. Really Quick: In contrast to other streaming programs, like Netflix, Playbox HD, Hotstar, and etc., this App will provide you quicker access to contents since it's a special compression technology to enable you to appreciate video contents with a far fewer net data. It is going to also reveal great content, and that means you won't have to fret about quality following the compression.
  3. Live Streaming: Using ThopTV App, you'll have the ability to observe the flows of Live TV from all around the world. A whole lot of contents such as videos and movies could be understood from assorted actual TV stations.
  4. Always Update: In case you're a sport enthusiast, this App will let you acquire the most recent craze in the game world with pertinent news and good videos.
  5. Video Downloading: it is also possible to delight in the movies available on this webpage with no net by downloading them for your telephone first. Thus, if you would like to re-watch the movies, you won't have to download it again, which can also save your online bills punctually.
  6. Worldwide: Your hopTV App will have the ability to acquire video contents from some other online sources all around the Earth, and that means you won't have to be worried about just getting old and obsolete contents such as other App.
  7. Freemium variant: If you do not need to pay any cash to enjoy fantastic movies and films on your telephone, the superior version will probably be adequate. Simply stick to the version as you'll nonetheless have the ability to acquire the maximum attribute without costing you some cent.
  8. Premium variant: If you're among those that want to have more access, we suppose you want to use the superior version, which will offer you some additional advantages to the App.
  9. Service Chromecast: Great information for many Chromecast users, now you can enjoy the excellent contents out of Mobdro App in your large screen TV to appreciate your very own personal home entertainment experience.

If you remain unsure about the attribute and also have more questions for us, then he we give you a few Often Asked Question. Check below to see if you query was answered and posted.

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